The Gospel of Matthew is filled with stories that call our attention to the need of standing with children as they face their everyday challenges: illness and diseases, maltreatment and malnutrition, exploitation and abuse, violence and sadly the kind of Herodi-barbaric act toward children which is still taking place today.

God calls all who love Him as children, yet God also gives a special attention to “the least of these.”

Joseph and Mary heed the warning of God’s angel and became refugees in Egypt with the Holy Child; the Roman military commander pleaded with Christ for the healing of a child who lived in his house; the head of the synagogue humbled himself before Christ for the sake of her daughter; the Siro-Phoenician woman made her case before the Lord for her beloved daughter, and as result heralded the good news as not only for one particular ethnicity; a father bravely fought his unbelief for the sake of his son’s deliverance from suffering.

And when the disciples were hindering the children to be brought before Christ so He could give them blessing, the Lord said, “Do not hinder them to come to Me. For such as these belong to the Kingdom of God.”

When the religious leaders of the time objected to the voice of children, Christ proclaimed that “…As it is written: out of the mouth of children and infants God provides praises.”

And on top of all, Christ associates Himself with children, so Christians need to hear afresh that “whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me” (18:5).

To treat children unjustly, just as to deceive them who believe in Christ, “it is better if a stone is tied on his neck and he is drowned into the sea.” No stronger words to say how important children are before God.

This message from the Gospel of Matthew is essential in the forming of Matthean Community International, Ltd (MCI). This message of standing in solidarity and defense for children has always been there ever since the precursors of MCI: for the least of these.


Mission statement:

MCI is a Christian non-profit organization seeks to support, provide resources, and help children wherever it is organized to reach their fullest potential by empowering their community. MCI is an inter-denominational Christian organization with a strong commitment to the apostolic and historic teaching of the Christian faith.

President/Founder: Raymond Maleke