Educational and Cultural Programs

MCI aims to pioneer, facilitate, support and promote fun and meaningful educational and cultural programs for young children and youth, and together with the community at large strive to provide a safe and conducive environment for children to achieve their fullest potential in all aspects, including spirituality.

Community Empowerment

MCI is committed to empowering the community through participative/cooperative economic programs, conducting skill training for women and men, and providing free health service for the elderly, among others. The community wellbeing is the well being of their children.

Eco-Cultural Preservation

Traditional wisdom and local languages often offer a community how to preserve their forests and place of living. In the past the community founders perceived that in order for their offspring to thrive they need to work together to preserve their environment.

News Service and Publishing

Other than publishing children books to inspire and stimulate virtues in children, MCI aims to build awareness regarding the challenges that children are facing in a daily basis, and the Gospel News for their wellbeing, through various multi-media, internet, and printing venues.